Can I Do A Money Order Online?

How do you order money orders?

Go to any Post Office location.

Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check.

You cannot pay with a credit card.

Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate..

How much is a money order at Walmart?

Money Order LocationsLocationCostMaximumTD BankMay vary per account (only open to bank customers)$1,000USPS$1.25/$1.75$500/$1,000USPS International$10.25 + issuing fee of country (no Japan)$700Walmart88 cents (may vary by location)$1,0007 more rows

Can I return a money order if I write on it?

Once you have found a location that will accept the money order, with the teller/cashier watching, turn the money order over and write on the endorsement line: “Not used for purpose intended,” followed by your signature. The bank or check cashing store will then issue a refund.

Can you send a money order through FedEx?

Short Answer: FedEx does not sell or cash money orders. It does, however, offer shipping and printing services.

Can I cash my own money order?

You can cash your own money order if the money order is written out to your name. If you created the money order and made it out to someone else do not throw away your receipt.

Can you send a money order overnight?

Ask a postal clerk for an envelope for overnight mail. Address the envelope. Insert the money order into the envelope. Request insurance and delivery confirmation on the overnight mailing parcel.

Can you buy a money order with?

In most cases, you’ll need to buy a money order with cash or a debit card. Because issuers want the money in hand before they issue the money order, you cannot pay with a personal check. The only places that let you buy a money order with a credit card are 7-Eleven stores and Western Union.

Can you purchase a money order with a debit card at Walmart?

Walmart accepts PIN-enabled debit cards as a method of payment for MoneyGram money orders. You can purchase money orders for up to $1,000 at a cost which seems to vary slightly regionally, but is typically $0.70 per money order. You can purchase as many money orders as you like in one transaction.

Can I get a money order at Walmart?

Walmart will cash MoneyGram money orders. … Buy money orders from a Walmart store in the amount needed. Complete all fields immediately, including payee and purchaser information. Deliver your money order in person or by mail.

Can you send a money order online?

Regular money orders can be bought at your local grocery store, bank or post office. … The ability to send a money order online is still a relatively new development, and most major banks and financial institutions don’t yet to offer the service.

What is the cost for a money order?

Money orders cost less The U.S. Postal Service charges from $1.20 to $1.65, depending on the amount. Banks often charge around $5. Cashier’s checks in any amount will set you back around $10.

Are money orders safe?

Money orders are traditionally considered safe, but they can be used in fraud. … Avoid paying anybody with a money order if you think you’ll ever need to reverse the payment. You can only cancel money orders before they’ve been cashed.

Can you buy a money order with a debit card?

You can buy a money order with cash or debit card. … Because you need to have the money upfront to purchase a money order – meaning they are prepaid – they are a more guaranteed form of payment than personal checks.

Do I send a money order in an envelope?

Money orders can be purchased in amounts up to $1000. Use cash, a debit (or ATM) card to pay for the money order and fee. … Then just put the money order in a stamped, addressed envelope and drop it in the mailbox. Send a money order through the post office internationally the same way.