How Do I Get To Agua In Breath Of Fire?

How do I get to the ease cave?

Ease Cave is a location in the first Breath of Fire game, located to the South of Karma Tower.

It can only be accessed with Bo in the party.

Nina, Ryu and Bo will need to head here shortly before entering Agua.

At the bottom of the cave there is Cleansing Water, which will remove the zombies from Romero..

How long does it take to beat Breath of Fire?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story2626h 14mMain + Extras2429h 40mCompletionists2531h 09mAll PlayStyles7528h 59m

Is Breath of Fire hard?

Breath of Fire 2 is insanely difficult, with very tough normal fights, and INSANELY tough boss fights. It’s one of the few role playing games that are linear that require you to level up. There’s some extras in the game, but they’re just that, extras, and can’t coverup the games’ flaws.

How do you save in Breath of Fire?

Saving the game In Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II, the game can be saved in a Dragon Shrine by talking to the dragon statue in the middle of the Shrine. This records all progress up to that point. In Breath of Fire III, the game can be saved by inspecting the journal in Ryu’s home.

Where is the water jar in Breath of Fire?

Visit the town at night when the zombies are hanging around. In particular, talk to the old man and woman near the entrance. One of them will reveal an entrance under one of the tombs and you get an herb and the water jar there. You might have to talk to each of them a second time before they reveal the entrance.

Where is Romero in Breath of Fire?

Romero is a town in Breath of Fire. It is located east of Karma and west of Aura Cave.

Are the Breath of Fire games connected?

The game is a direct sequel to the first Breath of Fire, and describes the Dragon Tribe living underground – something that is later echoed in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. It seems to be set only a few hundred years after the first game. … Ryu’s special ability has also been altered from the previous game.