Is Amazon Prime Free With Jio?

How do you get Amazon Prime for free?

5 Ways to Get Amazon Prime for FreeGet a free trial.

If you want to try Amazon Prime to see if it’s worth paying for a membership, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Use free Amazon gift cards.

Use credit card rewards.

Switch cellphone plans.

Share an account using Amazon Household..

How can I get free Hotstar Disney?

Trick to Get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Premium Membership For Free – STEPSFirst Of All Just Visit Flipkart Supercoin Section & Scroll Down Below & You Will See “Get Annual Subscription For Disney+ Hotstar VIP” banner.Just Click On That & Click On “Claim Offer“More items…•

What is Hotstar VIP and Premium?

The Hotstar Premium Plan is the more expensive one and gives you access to all the content on Hotstar including Hollywood Content. The VIP plan, on the other hand, is much cheaper at almost one-third of the Premium Plan and gives you access to all the sports content and other Indian content only (TV shows and movies).

How many days will Jio work without recharge?

90 daysThat certain period has not been specified yet. According to Reliance Jio’s terms and conditions, if you do not recharge after the validity expiration of your existing recharge, you will only be able to receive incoming calls and messages. If you do not do any recharges in 90 days, your number will be disconnected.

Is Hotstar Premium free for Jio?

Learn more. The Indian telecom supergiant, Reliance Jio has partnered with Star India and is now offering free premium membership to its movie steaming app Hotstar via JioTV. This will bring a wide catalog of Star TV channels along with exclusive Americal TV shows and movies for Jio customers.

Is there a senior discount for Amazon Prime?

Do Seniors Get A Discount On Amazon Prime? In order to get a discount on Amazon Prime as a senior, you must have a valid EBT Card or are on Medicaid. You can get a big discount on Amazon Prime which will only cost $5.99 per month.

Is it worth it to get Amazon Prime?

This is a huge value for a $119 fee, and you can see why Amazon Prime membership is well worth it to many of its members. But, it’s not worth it for everyone….Annual Prime membership estimated yearly value (Based on $1,300 annual Prime spend)Membership benefitsEstimated value5% discount on Amazon purchases$659 more rows•Apr 17, 2020

How can I use Netflix for free?

To sign up for a Netflix free trial, you need a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or Netflix gift code. You can also use a reward card or gift card if it’s issued by a credit card provider like Visa. Here’s how to sign up for a Netflix free trial: Navigate to

Is Jio Prime membership lifetime?

As we mentioned, Reliance Jio extended the Jio Prime membership for its existing subscribers last year as well. The operator has, nevertheless, this time even simplified the process by automatically extending the subscription — without requiring any efforts from its subscribers.

How do I activate Amazon Prime on my Jio?

In order to activate the Amazon Prime membership, the user just needs to head over to the MyJio app or Once they login to their account, a Prime membership banner will be displayed. The user should click on the banner and sign in to their Amazon account to activate the membership for free.

Is Netflix free for Jio users?

All recharge plans with free subscriptions to OTT services listed. #IBMCodePatterns, a developer’s best friend. … OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar are offered for free along with some prepaid and postpaid recharge plans from telcos such as Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea and Airtel.

Will Netflix get cheaper in India?

The trial 3-month plans will be offered at a 20% discount to original prices, while users will get a 30% discount for six-month plans, the source said. The Economic Times daily reported earlier on Wednesday that Netflix was testing longer subscription plans in India.

Can I get Prime Membership for Jio now?

Reliance Jio has extended its Prime membership plan of Rs 99 for another year. … This means, all the Jio subscribers now no more need to pay an additional Rs 99 for getting the Prime subscription and can get access to all of Jio Apps , including the now popular JioTV and JioCinema in just Rs 99.

How can I get Hotstar VIP for free?

Get Disney+ Hotstar Free with Airtel Recharge Airtel is providing free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription on recharge of Rs. 401. If you are an airtel user you need to go for the Rs 401 plan and you will get free Hotstar subscription then you can watch Hotstar original content free of cost.

Is Netflix free for Airtel users?

Airtel has announced that all Airtel postpaid customers who are on a plan of ₹499 or above and Airtel broadband customers who are on a plan of ₹1,099 or above, can enjoy Netflix membership for up to 3 months with Airtel Thanks. … With Airtel Thanks, customers can also get a free subscription to Amazon Prime.

How do I get Jio Prime membership for free?

Follow these steps to renew your Jio Prime subscription: — Download MyJio app. — Now open the app and tap on the ‘Get Now’ tab. It reads ‘Congratulations! Extend Jio Prime for a year, Free.