Is It Right To Celebrate VE Day?

Does Germany celebrate VE Day?

In Germany, VE Day is not a day of celebration as it is in other countries.

Rather it is regarded as a day of sombre commemoration, when the dead are remembered, and the promise is renewed never to allow such terrible events to repeat themselves..

What is VE Day kids?

VE Day takes place on 8th May, commemorating the same day back in 1945 when the war finally ceased. On that day, people from across the globe flocked to the streets for parties and get-togethers, enjoying their freedom for the first time in six years.

What did Winston Churchill say on VE Day?

Winston Churchill announced the end of the War in Europe with a speech broadcast from Downing St on 8 May 1945. He said “we may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toils and efforts that lie ahead”.

How do you explain VE Day?

VE Day is Victory in Europe Day. It marks the end of World War II in Europe on 8th May 1945, when the Nazi forces officially surrendered to the Allies.

What time was Churchill’s VE Day speech?

3pmAt 3pm on 8 May 1945, Winston Churchill took to the airwaves to announce to the people of Britain that Nazi Germany had surrendered to the Allied forces, deeming the occasion “Victory in Europe Day”, later to be known as VE Day.

Why is celebrating VE Day important?

VE Day is celebrated in memory of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany and Axis forces in the Second World War. It commemorates the armed forces and navy personnel who lost their lives in battle.