Is OnePlus 7t A Good Phone?

Is OnePlus 7t better than iPhone?

The iPhone 11 has better battery life, better (albeit fewer) cameras, and hardware bonuses like wireless charging and water resistance.

However, the OnePlus 7T comes in at $100 cheaper with double the storage, a larger, sharper display with a higher refresh rate, faster wired charging, and a 2X telephoto camera..

Which OnePlus phone is better?

OnePlus 7T — best budget OnePlus phone. OnePlus 7T Pro and 7 Pro — best full-screen phones. OnePlus Nord — best cheap OnePlus phone.

Do OnePlus phones last long?

OnePlus users are likely to use their phones longer than usual. OnePlus supports its phones for a period of up to three years. The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T recently got the latest Android security patch.

Which is the best phone in the world?

The best smartphones available nowiPhone 11 Pro Max. … Samsung Galaxy S20 (& Plus) … Sony Xperia 1 II. … Samsung Galaxy Note 8. … Huawei P30 Pro. … Honor Play. … Google Pixel 3 XL. The best smartphone for photos and video. … Sony Xperia XZ Premium. A more affordable smartphone for video than the Google Pixel 3XL.More items…•

Should I buy OnePlus 8 or iPhone 11?

In terms of battery capacity, the OnePlus 8 is the clear winner with a 4,300mAh power pack, larger than the Samsung Galaxy S20’s 4,000mAh or iPhone 11’s 3,110mAh. However battery capacity isn’t the same as battery life, and the OnePlus 8 has a larger display to use up that power quicker.

Is OnePlus 7t the best phone?

The OnePlus 7T is hands down one of the best smartphones to buy, right now. It comes with the latest processor, the fastest storage and display and a premium design, and offers one of the smoothest Android experience out there.

How good is OnePlus 7t?

OnePlus 7T performance and battery life. The OnePlus 7T feels very snappy and responsive, no doubt due to the combination of the Snapdragon 855+ processor and the 90Hz screen.

Is OnePlus 7t good in 2020?

The OnePlus 7T continues to be one of the fastest phones in the market today. The Snapdragon 855+ chipset has zero issues in 2020, and the device is still a performance monster thanks to the optimized software and smooth 90Hz AMOLED display.

Is OnePlus better than Samsung?

OnePlus phones even outperform most of the more expensive models. While testing and actively using OnePlus phones, I’ve found they perform as well or better than most high-end Android flagships. … It’s only recently that phones from Samsung have started to catch up with OnePlus, a comparatively tiny smartphone maker.

Which phone is best OnePlus 7 or 7t?

The OnePlus 7T improves up on its predecessor with a better processor, better camera, slightly better battery, and a bigger display. We pit the newly launched OnePlus 7T with the OnePlus 7 to see how different is the new phone from its predecessor.

Which is the best phone iPhone or OnePlus?

Compare Apple iPhone X vs OnePlus 7VariantsApple iPhone X Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone X 256GBOnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 256GBUser Rating4/5 | Read User Reviews4.2/5 | Read User ReviewsperformanceApple A11 BionicSnapdragon 855storage64 GB128 GBcamera12 MP + 12 MP48 MP + 5 MP4 more rows

Are OnePlus phones reliable?

For the most part, OnePlus makes good smartphones. They’re packed with excellent hardware and review exceptionally well. But the problem isn’t with the phones—it’s the company itself.

Which color is best in OnePlus 7t?

That also led OnePlus to come up with the Mirror Blue variant of the OnePlus 7 later. And blue seems to be a favourite colour in India. That said, the OnePlus 7T only has two colours – Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver. As a consumer, it would be nice to have more colour options on this phone.

Does OnePlus 7t have a headphone jack?

The OnePlus 7T doesn’t have a headphone jack, but it does have dual stereo speakers, and they get super loud.

Which phone is better OnePlus 7t or 8?

One other perk: the larger 4,300mAh battery, combined with the more power-efficient processor, means that the OnePlus 8 has excellent battery life, beating out the already-satisfactory endurance of the 7T….Two phones only six months apart.CategoryOnePlus 7TOnePlus 8Storage8GB8GB / 12GBExpandable StorageNoNo15 more rows•Apr 16, 2020

Which is better OnePlus 7 Pro or 7t?

The OnePlus 7T takes the best feature from the 7 Pro and makes it much more accessible. The flat 90Hz display is a delight to use, and the 1080p resolution holds up just fine for 2019. The camera housing at the back is distinctive, and you get the same lenses as the 7 Pro.

Is OnePlus 7t waterproof?

Best answer: No. The OnePlus 7T bears no official IP rating for water or dust resistance, and while the company claims its phones are water resistant to some extent, water damage isn’t covered under the 7T’s warranty.