Question: Are At Your Disposal?

What is the meaning of at your disposal?

: available for someone to use : available for whatever one needs We had plenty of money at our disposal..

Will I be available at my disposal?

If you have something at your disposal, you are able to use it whenever you want, and for whatever purpose you want. If you say that you are at someone’s disposal, you mean that you are willing to help them in any way you can.

What is a synonym for at your disposal?

What is another word for at your disposal?obtainableaccessiblereadyaccomplishableat handget-at-ablein circulationin seasonreachablederivable84 more rows

What is another word for Available?

What is another word for available?accessibleacquirablegettableobtainableofferedon handusableachievablearoundderivable from180 more rows

How do you use disposal in a sentence?

Disposal sentence examplesHe insisted on leaving the vehicle at my disposal in case I needed it. … at our disposal, but the circumstances in Egypt . … He placed himself at the disposal of the military authorities and was sent to France as a major in the Grenadier Guards. … The disposal of the king was now the great question to be decided.More items…

What is the meaning of refuse disposal?

refuse disposal. The discarding or destroying of garbage, sewage, or other waste matter or its transformation into something useful or innocuous.

What is disposal process?

Final placement or riddance of wastes, excess, scrap, etc., under proper process and authority with (unlike in storage) no intention to retrieve. Disposal may be accomplished by abandonment, destruction, internment, incineration, donation, sale, etc.

How do you dispose of an asset?

How to record the disposal of assetsNo proceeds, fully depreciated. Debit all accumulated depreciation and credit the fixed asset.Loss on sale. Debit cash for the amount received, debit all accumulated depreciation, debit the loss on sale of asset account, and credit the fixed asset.Gain on sale.

How do you dispose of fully depreciated assets?

The accounting treatment for the disposal of a completely depreciated asset is a debit to the account for the accumulated depreciation and a credit for the asset account.

What is the synonym of discretion?

discretion, discernment(noun) the trait of judging wisely and objectively. “a man of discernment” Synonyms: apprehension, circumspection, delicacy, free will, perceptiveness, appreciation, taste, discreetness, sagaciousness, savvy, judgement, prudence, understanding, judgment, discernment, sagacity.

Can you end a sentence with disposed of?

1 In formal writing It’s not an error to end a sentence with a preposition, but it is a little less formal. … But if you’re writing a research paper or submitting a business proposal and you want to sound very formal, avoid ending sentences with prepositions.

What does the term disposed mean in the sentence?

dis·posed. Use disposed in a sentence. adjective. The definition of disposed is someone with the tendency to do something or act in a certain way. An example of disposed is a person who is usually late to events; they are disposed to being late.

How do you spell disposal?

Correct spelling for the English word “disposal” is [dɪspˈə͡ʊzə͡l], [dɪspˈə‍ʊzə‍l], [d_ɪ_s_p_ˈəʊ_z_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for DISPOSALdispose of,disposition,disposed,dispossess,disposable,dispose.

What does at your earliest convenience mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat your earliest convenienceat your earliest convenienceformal as soon as possible – used in letters We should be grateful if you would reply at your earliest convenience.

Is it disposed or disposed of?

The Meaning of the Word Dispose Dispose: this is a verb and it is typically used to denote arranging something in an order or to lean towards something. Dispose of: this is a phrasal verb that is also known as an idiom. This refers to the act of throwing away or disregarding something.

What means disposal?

the act or process of transferring something to or providing something for another. the power or opportunity to make use of someone or something (esp in the phrase at one’s disposal) a means of destroying waste products, as by grinding into particles.

What is the difference between disposed and dismissed?

Disposed is a much wider term than dismissed When an action is dismissed then the court is closing the matter without taking a decision on the merits, and commonly for a procedural reason. Whereas, a disposition means that the matter has been decided on the merits and judgment or order passed.

What is the meaning of At Your Service?

convention. You can use ‘at your service’ after your name as a formal way of introducing yourself to someone and saying that you are willing to help them in any way you can.