Question: Can A Samsung Galaxy Watch Connect To An IPhone?

How well does galaxy watch work with iPhone?

Best Answer: Yes, the Galaxy Watch Active works with iOS.

You will need at least an iPhone 5 or newer device running iOS 9.0 and later.

Even though it is compatible, the features that are available when connected to an iPhone are limited..

Which phones are compatible with Samsung Galaxy watch?

Download the Galaxy Wearable app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you’re pairing a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a smartphone via Numbershare you must have an Android smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher with at least 1.5 GB RAM or iPhone 5 or newer with iOS 9 or later.

Why won’t my Samsung Watch connect to my iPhone?

Make sure your phone and watch are connected over Bluetooth. Your phone and the watch must be connected through Bluetooth with the Galaxy Wearable app to sync content. … Check the Bluetooth settings on your watch and phone. Phone: Navigate and tap Settings. Tap Connections > Bluetooth, and then verify the switch is on.

Is Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 compatible with iPhone?

But the Galaxy Watch Active 2 does work with the iPhone. There are a couple of caveats: you won’t get LTE, you lose Samsung Pay and you’re limited in how you can respond to text messages. But you can still track workouts, get notifications and use a lot of the smart features.

Can I leave my phone at home and use my Samsung watch?

Users can leave their phone at home and still stream music, take calls or messages, or get notifications while out and about. … PLEASE NOTE: that if your Galaxy Watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi will automatically be turned off. You can manually connect to a Wi-Fi network, using the steps below.