Question: Does Humana Hire Felons?

How much does Spectrum pay an hour?

Spectrum pays its employees an average of $17.76 an hour.

Hourly pay at Spectrum ranges from an average of $12.75 to $30.94 an hour..

Does the Dollar Tree hire felons?

Dollar Tree is a good company for hiring a felon. … While Dollar Tree does hire felons, they do not hire anyone with a violent or sexual offense, and they typically don’t employ individuals with a conviction of theft or forgery.

Do Comcast workers get free cable?

Comcast Employee Discount Comcast employees receive courtesy services such as free digital TV and Internet service; deeply discounted phone service, mobile broadband and home security service; and home technology support. Comcast employees also have access to discounts at a variety of national retailers.

What kind of background check does Comcast do?

Best Answer: Comcast will for sure do a very detaliled background, drug and credit check. Comcast will for sure do a very detaliled background, drug and credit check.

How much do Spectrum cable installers make?

The typical Spectrum Installer makes $15 per hour. Installer hourly pay at Spectrum can range from $13 – $31.

Can you sell insurance with a felony?

Those who have committed certain felonies are permanently barred from applying for an insurance license. … An individual who has been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust is prohibited from engaging in the insurance business.

Does spectrum Cable hire felons?

No you could not. No Charter does an extensive background check and understandably so your constantly in and out of customers homes. No way. No drugs, no felonies.

Do insurance companies hire felons?

Most insurance companies will not bond anyone with a criminal history, including arrest, conviction, or incarceration. Felons are typically considered to be high-risk employees.

Does Petco hire felons?

Petco conducts a background check on anyone who receives a job offer, looking for any felony conviction in the past seven years. … The Petco application indicates that employment may be contingent upon satisfactorily passing a job-related background check along with a drug and alcohol screening.

Can u drive for Uber with a felony?

Lyft will reject all applicants with convictions of violent crimes, felonies, and sexual offenses. However, Uber may only reject applicants with convictions in the last seven years. … So, if you’ve been convicted of a felony, sexual assault, etc. you can’t ever drive for Uber,” he said.

How much do Charter technicians make?

The average Spectrum salary ranges from approximately $29,040 per year for Repair Technician to $54,811 per year for Fiber Technician. Average Spectrum hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.21 per hour for Installation Technician to $24.96 per hour for Maintenance Technician.

Is AutoZone felony friendly?

While AutoZone does hire felons, they do not hire anyone with a violent or sexual offense. They typically don’t employ individuals with a conviction of theft or forgery, either.

Does Comcast hire ex felons?

No Comcast does not hire people with felony records and also does not keep people on with long term illnesses.

Do Spectrum employees get free internet?

Complimentary/Discounted Services We are proud to offer eligible employees complimentary and discounted Spectrum TV™, Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™ services, where available. Charter is an equal opportunity employer. … This is a summary of the plans contained in the Charter Benefits package.

Can I get an insurance license with a DUI?

In most cases, yes. State law requires licensing agencies to give weight to all evidence of rehabilitation and mitigation offered by you, and to make an individualized determination of the applicant’s worthiness to be licensed by the agency. A DUI will not automatically cause disqualification.

Will Hobby Lobby hire felons?

Does Hobby Lobby hire felons? Yes, they do! However, the odds of being hired at Hobby Lobby with a felony are average.

Can felons work with animals?

The real challenge in becoming a vet is in obtaining a job after graduating. While requirements vary from state to state, all state regulations for vets prohibit certification to anyone convicted of a felony. … If a felony isn’t disclosed but is found on a background check, this constitutes fraud and is punishable.

Will Costco hire a felon?

Costco is a felon-friendly company. This means that they consider all applications on a case by case basis and will not turn someone down simply because they have a felony conviction.

Do felonies follow you from state to state?

Generally felony convictions carry the same weight from state to state. You may be able to argue that the offense that you were convicted of in State A, might only be considered a misdemeanor in State B.

Will Petsmart hire felons?

Does petsmart hire convicted felons. Yes they do hire felons.

Do Amazon hire convicted felons?

If you have a felony and are looking for a job, consider applying with one of the biggest employers in the US today – Amazon! That’s right, Amazon does hire felons! With a conviction, your best bet is to get a job at one of hundreds of Amazon’s warehouses, which are located all across the states.