Question: How Do I Change My Default Settings On WhatsApp?

How can I make my WhatsApp private?

In WhatsApp’s settings, go to Account>Privacy>Status and change it from “My Contacts” to either “My Contacts Except” or “Only Share With.” The first option lets you exclude certain people from seeing your status updates.

The second one allows you to give only a select few of your contacts the ability to see them..

What does about mean in WhatsApp settings?

About: About is what appears beneath your name in your contact’s WhatsApp contact list. Its visibility can be also set to everybody, nobody or contacts. Status: Status is the videos, photos or text appear only for 24 hours. There is a dedicated Status tab under which you can post as well as see posts of your contacts.

What is whats app setting?

Update your profile, status and group privacy settings: WhatsApp gives you the control to see who all can view your information. … Go to Settings>Account>Privacy. You will see these options: Last Seen, Profile Photo, About, Groups and Status. Choose among the options to enable who can view your information.

How do I change my WhatsApp camera settings?

To use other camera in Whatsapp, touch paperclip in top left (android) next long press on camera icon. Then you will be given a choice to either take a picture or record a video. Select either one and you will be given a choice on what app or camera you want to use.

Why am I not able to change my last seen on WhatsApp?

Your contact has changed their privacy settings to “Nobody” If the other contact has set their ‘last seen’ as “Nobody”, then you won’t be able to see the timestamp — denoting what time that contact was last using WhatsApp — under their name.

How do I reset WhatsApp to default?

If that is what you want to achieve, here are the steps.Go go Settings -> Apps.On the Downloaded list, look for Whatsapp application (Usually at the bottom, it’s arrange in alphabetical order.Tap on “CLEAR DATA”. This will not remove/delete your chat history.

How do you change your settings on WhatsApp?

Tap the CHATS tab. Tap Settings. Change Account, Chats, Notifications, Data Usage, and Contacts settings. Tap About and help to read the FAQ.

Why can’t I change privacy settings on WhatsApp?

The report claimed that the problem was created due to a server-side bug. Since most users are able to view the status and are also able to switch between their privacy settings, everything seems to have come back to normal. There’s no official information revealed by WhatsApp regarding the outage.

What happens if I uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall?

When you uninstall WhatsApp, people can still send you messages. … Only when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will receive those messages and missed call notifications. However, when you have deleted your WhatsApp account, you won’t receive messages that were sent when your account was deleted.

What is status privacy in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp includes privacy settings, giving you complete control over who sees your Status. By default, only your contacts can view your Status, but the privacy settings let you change that. With the Status tab selected on an iPhone, tap on Privacy. Android users, tap the menu button > Status Privacy.

How do you know if someone is talking to someone else on WhatsApp?

Another way to see who someone is talking to on WhatsApp would be to secretly check the target device when they are away. This method is only suitable for someone very close to you. For example, when you partner is sleeping or taking a shower, you can grab his/her phone and check the WhatsApp app.