Question: What Are The Easiest Expert Staff Ghosts To Unlock?

What is the difference between fast Staff Ghost and expert ghost?

The Expert Ghosts are WAY faster than the Fast Staff Ghost.

And you unlock Expert Ghosts by beating the Fast Ghost by at least 1-3 seconds (depending on the map)..

How do you unlock Baby Luigi?

StepsStart the Time Trials. … Choose any character. … Choose any course. … Select the Staff Ghost data. … Race the ghost. … Once you unlock the eighth ghost, you have to go back to the Select Player menu first before Baby Luigi is unlocked! … Choose the player profile that you used for the Time Trial races.

What are staff ghosts Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Staff Ghosts are members of the Nintendo team that set staff times for one to try and beat. However, they only appear in Time Trials.

How do you unlock Baby Daisy?

Baby Daisy or Daisy. Get at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc or 50cc Wii Grand Prix Cups or race in 1,950 races. X Research source Munson, T, (2009), “Video Game Master: Surefire Strategies”, ISBN 0-545-17658-1 . Unlocks Baby Daisy.

How do I know how many expert staff ghosts?

User Info: dalfinrules1029. go to he sticky on the top of the topics list and look at hte unlock times for the expert ghosts. then compare them to the ghosts(not yours that you created)and if the ghost is faster then the unlock time then it is an expert.

What is the fastest car in Mario Kart Wii?

The Spear is the fastest vehicle in the game, known as the Torpedo in other parts of the world, is a bike for heavyweight characters in Mario Kart Wii.

How do you unlock Rosalina?

In Mario Kart Wii, Rosalina is a heavyweight playable character. She can be unlocked by having a save file of Super Mario Galaxy, have 4,950 races, or having at least one star on all the Mirror Mode cups. She has a Luma with her at all times in Mario Kart Wii.

Why is Funky Kong so fast?

Funky Kong is fast because he has a bandanna and sunglasses.

Why does everyone use Funky Kong Mario Kart Wii?

Mario Kart Wii marks his first appearance in a Mario Kart game. He is also playable in Mario Kart Tour. Funky Kong is widely used among competitive players in Mario Kart Wii due to his very high-speed stat. … Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii also has a strong off-road bonus.

How do you unlock Toadette?

Toadette can be unlocked by playing Time Trial on all 32 courses at least once, winning 1,000 WFC races, or by playing 2,550 unique races.

How do you beat Luigi Circuit ghost?

Other AnswersYou mean the Expert Ghost, or the normal one, try to use the Peach/Daisy – Mach Bike – Automatic combo, i unlocked the expert one on that, and to beat the expert one, use the Funky Kong – Bowser Bike – on Auto, and do as many wheelies as possible, every on shirt turns. … Ya what he said…More items…

How do you know if you unlock expert staff ghosts?

Well,first you have to beat the normal staff ghost by 5-15 seconds and beat your record then it will say you have unlocked a fast ghost. Then,you have to beat the fast ghost by 5-15 seconds or maybe 20 you know.

What are the expert staff ghost times?

WalkthroughCourseGhost Staff TimeExpert Staff GhostPeach Beach01:34:23301:23:140Yoshi Falls01:16:46101:09:175Ghost Valley01:06:59500:58:907Mario Raceway02:14:79901:59:05336 more rows•Jun 12, 2008

What are expert staff ghosts in Mario Kart Wii?

Expert Staff Ghosts are unlockable ghosts that have better times than the default, normal staff ghosts. An expert staff ghost can be unlocked by getting a good time on any time trial. Expert Staff Ghosts have to be unlocked on each stage. Once unlocked, they will replace the normal ghost.

How unlock Mario Kart Wii?

Unlockable CharactersBaby Daisy – 1 Star in all 50cc Wii-Cups.Baby Luigi – Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.Birdo – Play Time Trials on 16 different courses.Bowser Jr. – … Daisy – Win 150cc Special Cup.Diddy Kong – Complete all 50cc Cups.Dry Bones – Win 100cc Leaf Cup.More items…

How do you unlock Dry Bowser?

To unlock Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii, you’ll need to get a 1-Star or better rating on all 150cc Grand Prix cups. Star ratings are determined by a hidden point system that rates your driving, but generally the better you race the more Stars you will earn.

How do you unlock expert staff ghosts?

Expert Staff Ghosts are extremely good times set by the developers within the Time Trial mode. To unlock them, you must beat the Normal Staff Ghosts (no need to unlock) on Time Trial by several seconds, ranging from 3 seconds to as much as 10 seconds.

How do you unlock eight expert staff ghosts in time trials?

Start the Time Trials. You will need to unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts. Ghost Data are replays that you can race against during a time trial. Expert Staff Ghosts have to be unlocked by beating the regular Staff Ghost data for each track. Staff Ghosts have “Nin★” next to their names.

What does expert staff ghost mean?

An Expert Staff Ghost is a harder tier Staff Ghost that’s unlocked by beating the normal Staff Ghosts within a certain amount of time. Unlocking a certain amount of Expert Staff Ghosts unlocks characters, Karts and Bikes, such as Funky Kong and the Sprinter.

Is Funky Kong dead?

Funky Kong has been found dead in Miami.