Question: What Is A Good Side Dish To Serve With Pasta?

What is a good side dish with lasagna?

The Best Side Dishes to Serve with LasagnaCaesar Salad with Garlic Butter Breadcrumbs.

Veggie-Packed Chopped Salad with Feta and Herbs.

Easy 10-Minute Garlic Broccolini.

Easy Skillet Kale with Lemon & Garlic.

Chilled Zucchini Noodle Salad.

Tomato Salad with Red Onion, Dill, and Feta.

Simple Arugula Salad.More items…•.

What protein goes with pasta?

How to Pump Up Your Pasta with ProteinMeat lovers – Add some lean poultry to pasta for an extra protein boost. … Vegetarians – Fill up on protein by adding in protein-rich plant foods. … Seafood – If you like fish, salmon is a healthy choice for adding in protein. … Eggs – Eggs are an exceptional sources of protein and easy to supplement in to meals.More items…•

What is a good side dish with stir fry?

What to Serve with Fried Rice and Stir FryFried Rice Sides. We’ve talked about the basics of choosing side dishes. … Vegetables. Try steamed or roasted broccoli, brussels sprouts, or green beans. … Fruit. Fresh cut oranges or pineapple can serve as a side/dessert. … Egg rolls, dumplings or spring rolls. … Salad.

What meat goes well with pasta?

Pasta with Meat or Seafoodpasta with beef.pasta with salmon.pasta with tuna.pasta with chicken or turkey.pasta with sausage.pasta with seafood.pasta with ham.pasta with bacon.

What do you eat with pasta sauce?

18 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Pasta SauceOlive Tapenade.Stuffed Zucchini Boats.Eggplant Parmesan for One.Tomato Vinaigrette.English Muffin Pizza.Meatloaf.Mussels Marinara.Simple Ratatouille.More items…

What should I serve with spring rolls?

E.g. Chinese eggrolls, japanese spring rolls, Italian caprese salad, Greek Spanokopita, American BBQ’d Short ribs, Indian Chicken Biryani made with drumettes, etc. However, if you want to go Chinese, I imagine you can’t go wrong with some Fried Rice and Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) , or perhaps Dim Sum .

How can I spice up leftover spaghetti?

Reheat the spaghetti in a pot or microwave, toss with melted butter and basil, oregano, or parsley Extra points if you’ve got fresh herbs. Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese on top for a simple vegetarian pasta dish. Or throw in some bacon, chicken, or shrimp for more protein.

How long is leftover spaghetti sauce good for?

around seven to 10 daysIf you’re a little nervous, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. According to StillTasty, spaghetti sauce that has been refrigerated prior will last around seven to 10 days in the fridge after you open it. It can last up to six months if you freeze it properly.

What do you serve with potstickers?

And while rice and steamed veggies make it a meal, there are lots of easy ways to make delicious dinners starring potstickers.Make a stir-fry with them. … Serve them with an Asian-style slaw. … Stir them into soup. … Top a rice bowl with them. … Make a pasta salad with them and your favorite Asian-style dressing.More items…•

What can you eat with marinara sauce Besides pasta?

2 Menudo. Another Filipino dish, menudo is a hearty meal that is pulled together by a rich tomato sauce. … 3 Creamy Tomato Soup. Get some blanched or roasted vegetables and puree them with your marinara. … 4 Meatballs in Marinara. … 5 Ratatouille. … 6 Minestrone. … 7 Shakshuka. … 8 Pizza. … 9 Fish Parmigiana.More items…•

Is pasta healthy for dinner?

When eaten in moderation, pasta can be part of a healthy diet. Whole-grain pasta may be a better choice for many, as it is lower in calories and carbs but higher in fiber and nutrients. However, in addition to the type of pasta you pick, what you top it with is just as important.