Question: What Is The Difference Between AMDP Procedure And CDS View?

What is AMDP class in SAP HANA?

An AMDP class is a global class in the class library that contains one or more of the following tag interfaces: IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB for the SAP HANA database..

How do I make an AMDP class?

The database tables VBAK VBAP and VBUP are used in AMDP Method will be created as VIEWS in HANA Database system….Execute the ABAP Managed Database Procedure through ReportCreate a New ABAP Program.Provide Name and Description. Click on NEXT button.Click on Finish button.Call the AMDP Method in ABAP editor.

What is the difference between Hana CDS and ABAP CDS?

ABAP CDS views are database independent whereas HANA CDS views are database dependent. The CDS objects created using HANA CDS is not controlled by ABAP dictionary and hence cannot be consumed in ABAP Programs or Open SQL.

How do you define constants in CDS view?

When constants are used in a view definition, their name must be prefixed with the scope operator “ : ”. Usually names that appear in a query are resolved as alias or element names. The scope operator instructs the compiler to resolve the name outside of the query.

How do you consume CDS view in BW?

Login the BW system with BW-MT and start creating a BW Query from a InfoProvider (anyAny InfoProviders are okay to select). Check “Search for TransientProvider”, and push “Browse” of InfoProvider. Search the CDS View as the InfoProvider of the BW Query.

What are ABAP CDS views?

A CDS view is defined for existing database tables and views, or for other CDS views in ABAP Dictionary, using the ABAP CDS statement DEFINE VIEW . A CDS view serves to define the structure of an SQL view and represents a projection onto one or several Dictionary tables or Dictionary views.

How many types of CDS views are there?

There are 2 main VDM types, namely, Interface views (Basic and Composite) and consumption views.

How do I access CDS views?

Finding CDS Views by NameWhile in the ABAP perspective, press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+A simultaneously to bring up the development object search box.Enter the pattern you want to search for in the system (for instance, so search all CDS views beginning with a “Z”, enter the pattern “Z*”More items…

What is SAP HANA CDS view?

A view is an entity that is not persistent; it is defined as the projection of other entities. SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) enables you to define a view in a CDS document, which you store as design-time file in the repository. …

How do I extend my standard CDS view?

Provide the SQL View Append name and the CDS view name to be extended and the filed list. Activate the extend view. Make a data preview of the base CDS view and it shows the CDS view fields as well as the extension view fields. Open the SQL view APPEND in SE11.

Why is AMDP used?

You can think of a Database Procedure as a function stored and executed in the database. The implementation language varies from one database system to another. … Using AMDP allows developers to create and execute those database procedures in the ABAP environment using ABAP methods and ABAP data types.

What is AMDP procedure?

In concrete terms, an ABAP-Managed Database Procedure is written in a database-specific language, such as Native SQL or SQL Script, and is implemented within an AMDP method body of an AMDP class. …