Question: What Is The Rank Of Pakistan In The World?

What is the rank of Pakistan in the world by population?

number 5Pakistan population is equivalent to 2.83% of the total world population.

Pakistan ranks number 5 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

The population density in Pakistan is 287 per Km2 (742 people per mi2).

The median age in Pakistan is 22.8 years..

Where does Pakistan stand in the world?

EconomyListPakistan Ranking/Total CountriesSourceGDP (nominal)40/195World Bank]GDP (PPP)25/229CIA World FactbookGDP (PPP) per capita158/216World BankGlobal Competitiveness Index110/137World Economic Forum10 more rows

Is Pakistan poorer than India?

“That’s matters more than per capita GDP when it comes to well-being of the masses.” Indeed, the rich are getting richer in India while the poor are getting poorer….Pakistan’s, India’s Key Metrics (2018.CountryIndiaPakistanUnemployment6.1%5.9%Inflation Rate2.57%8.21%World Competitiveness Ranking581074 more rows•Mar 23, 2019

Which country is best for Pakistani?

The top five countries from Studyportals where Pakistani students choose to go abroad are: Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Sweden.

Does Pakistan have gold mines?

The Reko Diq mine is located near Reko Diq town in Chagai District, Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is one of the largest copper and gold mines in the world located in the south west part of Pakistan in Balochistan province. … TCC has identified a large, low-grade copper-gold resource at Reko Diq.

Why is software industry weak in Pakistan?

Due to weaker law enforcement and shaky judicial system, the software industry in Pakistan has been facing great challenges of unlicensed usage and piracy in various forms, for decades. Even though there is sufficient punishment in the constitution of the country, however, no criminal has ever faced it.

Is Pakistan intelligent country?

Pakistanis have been ranked the fourth most intelligent people across the world in a globally-held survey. “Pakistanis are equal to the people of developed and industrialised countries when it comes to intelligence,” the survey report said.

Is Pakistan the most beautiful country in the world?

Pakistan is a beautiful country. Home to 108 peaks above 7,000 meters, including K2, the south Asian country’s mountain scenery is stunning. From the lively cities like Islamabad and Lahore to the beautiful valleys in the north, Pakistan is a perfect place for a unique getaway.

Which country did not accept Pakistan?

Pakistan is the only country in the world that does not recognize Armenia as a state. Primary causes of the two countries’ diplomatic rift are the Armenian Genocide and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

What is the rank of Pakistan in technology?

This year Pakistan ranks 113th in Innovation Inputs, better than last year and compared to 2017. As for Innovation Outputs, Pakistan ranks 89th. This position is better than last year and compared to 2017. Pakistan ranks 18thamong the 26 lower middle-income economies.

Does Pakistan have technology?

Science and technology is a growing field in Pakistan and has played an important role in the country’s development since its founding. Pakistan has a large pool of scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians assuming an active role in science and technology.

Which is the No 1 university in Pakistan?

Engineering and technologyRankingUniversityScore1National University of Sciences and Technology100.002Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences96.673Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology75.344Institute of Space Technology72.4617 more rows

Is Pakistan a safe country?

If you want to travel to Pakistan, Pakistan is currently safe for travelers of all genders. There are still security issues in more remote areas of the country, but after years of struggle with violence and terrorism, many places in Pakistan are now safe for locals and foreigners alike.

What is the rank of Pakistan in world economy?

Pakistan has a population of over 220 million (the world’s 5th-largest), giving it a nominal GDP per capita of $1,357 in 2019, which ranks 154th in the world and giving it a PPP GDP per capita of 5,839 in 2019, which ranks 132nd in the world for 2019.

How Pakistan is powerful?

So how strong is Pakistan’s military? Pakistan’s military is primarily a defensive force, designed to deter any other military power from engaging in a costly war. It is the sixth largest in the world in terms of active personnel and the largest among Muslim countries. … Pakistan’s armed forces possess 1,281 aircraft.