Quick Answer: Can You Swim In The Beach At Hamilton Island?

Can you swim Whitsundays?

Can You Swim In The Whitsundays.

The short answer is, yes.

The Whitsundays are one of nature’s biggest playgrounds with 74 islands, dozens of beaches and kilometres of reefs teeming with marine life.

Unparalleled in its appeal to snorkelers, scuba divers and boaties, it is an aquatic paradise..

Can you swim in Whitehaven Beach?

The short answer is yes! The balmy tropical waters surrounding Whitehaven Beach remain at a pretty constant 26 degrees year-round and the picture-perfect setting makes this one of the best places to swim in the Whitsundays.

Is it safe to swim in Hamilton Island?

You can swim on Hamilton Island throughout the year. We’re a tropical island location and the water temp is good all year round. With the water staying quite warm, even in the winter months.

Is there crocodiles in Whitsundays?

Where They Are in the Whitsundays. … The Proserpine River, which flows into the ocean south of the Whitsundays, has the highest number of crocodiles in the entire area. It is never advised to travel to this river except on boat tours, where you can safely and easily see these animals in their natural environment.

Are there sharks in the Whitsundays?

Shark Species of the Whitsundays Shark species vary in tropical waters compared to colder oceans. You won’t find larger sharks like Great Whites here, but you can still see large Lemon, Hammerhead, and tiger sharks. Most commonly spotted are reef sharks, including Blacktips, Whitetips and Wobbegongs.

Are there sharks at Whitehaven Beach?

Whitehaven Beach is perhaps best known for its dazzling white sand, crystal clear waters and perfect photographic opportunities, but is often a good place to see sharks. It’s home to both blacktip reef sharks and baby lemon sharks, which use the calm and shallow waters waters as a nursery.

Is there crocodiles in Hamilton Island?

There is also a wildlife park on Hamilton Island, which houses another saltwater crocodile, so enquire with us how to visit for the day or overnight to enjoy these incredible apex predators.

Are there crocodiles in Great Barrier Reef?

Crocodile Information They are typically found in waterways, rivers, estuaries and swamps and on occasion in beaches and islands in the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait. … Even if there are no signs, never swim in waters that you believe may be home to crocodile.

Are there sharks in Hamilton Island?

“Hamilton Island is part of the Whitsundays marine ecology and sharks are known to be present in the waters in the region. … The earlier reports of a shark attack were significant following three previous attacks in the area in the past few months, with three people mauled, including one fatally, at Cid Harbour.

Is food expensive on Hamilton Island?

Hamilton Island is very very expensive. There is a lot of choice for food but is extremely overpriced e.g. packet of chips in Reef View Hotel lobby $7.90. (would cost $2 at safeway). Steak at Steakhouse $35.00 – veggies extra.

What is the best time of year to visit Hamilton Island?

April to June This is a stunning time of year and people who live on Hamilton Island say it’s the best time to visit. The weather ranges from mild to warm, with less daily showers and lots of days with crisp, clear blue skies.

Is Hamilton Island safe?

Hamilton Island and the rest of Queensland is generally regarded as safe.