Quick Answer: How Can I Change My Umobile Postpaid To Prepaid?

How can I change my digi to prepaid postpaid?

Visit a Digi Store to change from prepaid to postpaid.

Account owner of the prepaid must be present.

Maximum of RM100 credit can be transferred to the postpaid account.

Any freebies value cannot be transferred..

How do I unsubscribe from gx30?

If your subscription cannot be automatically renewed because you have insufficient credit balance, your subscription will not be renewed. You may activate as many Plans as you like. Any unused data will be forfeited upon renewal of the Plan. If you wish to terminate the Plan, you can unsubscribe via UMB at *118*1*4#.

What is the meaning of postpaid?

The short answer: On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage. … Postpaid plans, meanwhile, often come with better value for money and the option to get a mobile handset included in the monthly bill.

How can I convert my Vodafone postpaid to prepaid by SMS?

Popular VAS- sms to be sent to 199(toll free) for Postpaid and 144(toll free) for prepaid (Unless specified otherwise) Information on World Calling Card.

How can I surrender Vodafone postpaid connection?

You can request for deactivation by calling on customer care that is 141 or 198.They will ask for your verification details.It will be a temporary deactivation.For complete deactivation you will have to visit your nearest Vodafone store along with your verification details.Clear your Billed & Unbilled amount.More items…

How can I cancel my U Mobile postpaid plan?

Can I unsubscribe from Daily & Weekly Data Plans? Yes, you will be able to unsubscribe from these plans with exception of MB2 and MB-Day. To unsubscribe, dial *118*2*4#. Your plan will be removed immediately upon confirmation.

How can I convert my Vodafone postpaid to prepaid?

Vodafone Postpaid To Prepaid Conversion – How To Change Postpaid To Prepaid Vodafone?Step 1: Visit the nearest Vodafone Store. … Step 2: Ask for Postpaid to Prepaid Migration Form & Fill in Necessary Details. … Step 3: Pay Your Dues. … Step 4: Submit the filled form at the Vodafone outlet along with required documents.More items…•

How do I turn off auto renewal on my mobile?

You may stop the auto renewal through UMB at *118*3*1*5#.

Can I keep my prepaid phone number?

You can keep your current cell phone number when getting a new prepaid phone by transferring, or “porting,” an existing number. You can typically complete this process using an online form or over the phone, depending on your cell phone provider.

How do I keep my Digi Prepaid active?

If you would like to purchase the longer validity, you can change your plan to the Digi Prepaid Best which comes with 180 days or 365 days option. For change plan, you can directly dial *128# > My account > Call plan > change pan > select Digi Prepaid Best > press ‘1’ to confirm.

Is Vodafone postpaid better than prepaid?

Unlike a Postpaid connection, you will not be able to enjoy the advantages of data rollovers and family connection plans. … On your Postpaid connection, you use the services first and pay for it later.