Quick Answer: How Do I Cancel My Etisalat Data Plan?

How do I check my Etisalat night plan?

So to check your data balance on Etisalat, dial *228# from your Etisalat sim.

Your data balance will be displayed on your screen and will also be sent as an SMS..

How do I check my Etisalat subscription?

By visiting any etisalat Business Centre or outlet. To cancel your subscription, simply visit any Business Centre or outlet. You can check your balance through My etisalat app or dial *170# for data enquiry and *140# for flexi minutes enquiry.

How do I cancel my Etisalat auto renewal?

Once validity expires the pack will be automatically removed from your prepaid line. For the auto-renewal plans, you can deactivate them by dialling *170#.

How do I cancel my Etisalat night plan?

To get the codes via sms: text “help” to 229 on your current Etisalat SIM and to opt out dial *229*0#. Call charges will revert to 40k/sec upon expiry of the data plan.

How do I cancel subscription?

Cancel a subscription on the Google Play appOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.Tap Menu. Subscriptions.Select the subscription you want to cancel.Tap Cancel subscription.Follow the instructions.

How do I cancel my eLife account?

Closing your Etisalat connection in the UAE: If you have an eLife subscription or post-paid mobile on contract, you’ll have to pay a penalty if you didn’t complete your service contract time, which is typically two years. You can call Etisalat on 800 101 to start the process.

How do I talk to customer care?

This allows each member to maintain their unique voice without sounding like they’re talking from a script.Think of tone on a spectrum. … Use positive language. … Be brief but not brusque. … Reply in a timely manner. … Always use your customer’s name. … Talk their talk. … Be careful with jokes. … Create a support style guide.More items…

How can I cancel Etisalat 250mb data plan?

Unsubscribe: By dialling *170# or *101# By texting “C M250M” to 1010.

How do I cancel my Etisalat daily data plan?

Can I deactivate the plan? You can deactivate the Daily Social Data Plan at any time by texting “C DSP” to 1010.

How do I cancel my Etisalat service?

Dial *123# to deactivate the service.

How do I activate Etisalat daily data plan?

150MB Daily PlanVia the My Etisalat UAE app.By dialling *170*1# or *101#By texting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS (5% VAT excluded)

How do I unsubscribe from Etisalat smiles?

One can unsubscribe at any time through the Smiles app or website by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ tab in the Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1 subscription section.

How can I change Etisalat Customer Care to English?

Set your Etisalat menu language.Type *100# and press the dial key.Choose number 6.For Arabic choose 1, for English choose 2, then press the dial key.