Quick Answer: What Documents Are Required For Dependent Visa For USA?

What is the process for dependent visa for USA?

To apply for the US Dependent Visa you will have to:Fill the digital Form DS -160.Pay the fees for H-4 Visa.Schedule the appointment for the Visa interview.Submit all the documents required for the Visa.Attend the interview.Obtain the H-4 Visa..

What questions are asked in a spouse visa interview?

70 Spousal Visa Interview QuestionsWhat is your spouse’s name?What are your spouse’s hobbies & interests?What make/model/color is your spouse’s car?What are your hobbies and interests?What does your spouse do for a living?What is your spouse’s salary?What do you do for a living?More items…

Can my wife visit me in the US while I 130 visa is processing?

If your spouse or other family member has filed an I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, on your behalf, then it may be challenging to convince a consular officer that you do not have “immigrant intent” in the US. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit the US with a pending I-130, and we have seen many clients do it.

Can h4 visa be denied?

If you apply for an H4 visa and receive a rejection and get your tourist visa, resident visa, or H4 visa denied, it can be disheartening. … If you have been denied an H4 visa from a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office, it is possible to reapply and see if you might have better luck.

How long it takes to get h4 visa?

around 90 daysIt usually takes around 90 days to process your application and receive a decision. However, if you have filed for your H-4 along with the H-1 in premium processing, your case can be processed in 15 days.

What are the questions asked in h4 visa interview?

Here are the questions that you may come across:What kind of visa are you applying for? … Why do you need a USA visa? … Who made this appointment so that you may attend the interview? … How did you get the documents necessary for the visa interview? … When did the spouse receive their own visa stamping? (More items…

What documents are required for USA spouse visa?

The documents required for a marriage green card vary by situation but generally include the following:Birth certificate.Marriage certificate.Financial documents.Proof of sponsor’s U.S. citizenship or permanent residence.Proof of lawful U.S. entry and status, if applicable.Police clearance certificate, if applicable.More items…

Can I work in USA with dependent visa?

U.S. visa regulations do not allow F-2 dependents to work in the United States. … Please be aware that it can take up to 4 months for USCIS to approve the employment authorization, and that the J-2 dependent may not begin working until they have received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card.

What documents are needed for h4 visa?

You must provide the following documents to apply for the H4 visa:Filled DS-160 application form.Your valid passport with at least one blank page.Two US visa photographs.Receipt proving payment of $160 for a nonimmigrant US visa application.Photocopy of the primary H visa holder visa.More items…•

How many days will it take to get dependent visa for us?

Visa processing usually takes around 3-5 months. If you are a permanent resident, you must wait for a visa to become available for your spouse, based on their priority date. This can vary depending on the spouse’s home country, but the typical time is around 24 months.

Who can apply for dependent visa in USA?

Eligibility for US Dependent Visa They must be an unmarried child under the age of 21, of the same visa holder. One must possess a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of travel. In certain categories such as F2, they must also be able to show sufficient financial funds.

How much does a US spouse visa cost?

Estimated marriage-based visa cost: $1,200 The U.S. citizen spouse submits the marriage relationship form (I-130 petition) and other required materials to USCIS, along with the $535 filing fee.