Quick Answer: Why Is 308 So Popular?

Will a 308 kill an elephant?

The trick to killing an elephant is knowing exactly where to hit them, and then doing it.

If you hit the spot, a .

308 will kill them.

If you don’t hit the spot, a ..

Should I buy a 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor?

6.5 Creedmoor shows less bullet drop at all distances. The advantage is minimal at first—at 500 yards the 308 Winchester trajectory is still within 5 inches of the 6.5 CM round. … By 1100 yards, . 308 Win is already subsonic, while 6.5 CM still has an additional 350 yards (roughly) of effective range.

Is 308 still relevant?

It is still a great cartridge. While there are certainly better cartridges for specific applications, the 308 Winchester can still hold its own in most applications.

What is the effective range of a 308?

Approximately 600-800 yards308 military rifles are often said to have an effective range of 600 yards, but that counts any hit on a man-sized standing target as effective. Approximately 600-800 yards.

How far will a 308 shoot flat?

150-200 yardsAccording to factory ballistics data, most . 308 loads will shoot relatively flat out to 150-200 yards, but start to drop significantly beyond that. At approximately 500 yards, the . 308 can experience a drop of as much as 60 inches with a 200-yard zero.

What is the best barrel length for 308?

24-27″Our experience has shown that for a . 308 caliber tactical rifle with the overall rifle weight and shooting distances mentioned earlier, a barrel of 24-27″ is optimum in one of the fairly heavy contours we discussed. Closer ranges or other considerations might dictate a shorter barrel.

Why 308 is the best?

308 is less affected by wind than its lighter cousin. This also makes it a good dual-purpose round for CQB, as well as sniping. The . 308 round works well in an AR platform.

Why is the 308 used for sniping?

308 is commonly used by military snipers because, as a NATO round, ammunition is/would be readily available when on a battlefield. … Some high velocity rounds will ‘shoot the barrel’ out of a rifle in (from what I have have seen quoted) as few as 1500 rounds. The . 308 is known to hold accuracy up to 5000 rounds.

Will a 308 kill a grizzly?

If your plan is to shoot a charging grizzly at 20 paces you do not merely need the perfect North American big game cartridge, you need a specialized, dangerous game cartridge and rifle setup. If you hope to hunt and then shoot a big bear at a reasonable distance, the . 308 will kill him just like it will kill an elk.

Is a 308 or 30 06 More Powerful?

30-06 have been well surpassed by still more accurate cartridges that now dominate the precision shooting sports. … Comparing similar bullets from either cartridge fired in similar rifles, . 30-06 may have a slight edge in terms of velocity, but . 308 will have slightly less recoil.

Is a 270 more powerful than a 308?

Though the .308 Winchester certainly has an edge over the .270 when shooting 150gr bullets, the 130gr .270 load has more energy remaining and shoots flatter (the .308 has 15-20″ more bullet drop) at 500 yards than both .308 Winchester loads.

Can I shoot 762×51 in a 308?

308 is actually a bit higher chamber pressure than 7.62×51, so the 7.62 is safe from a . 308 but not necessarily the other way around. While most 7.62 weapons can probably handle most . 308 ammo just fine, you should make some effort to make sure before using your particular combination.

How accurate is a 308 at 1000 yards?

308 drops 389 inches at 1,000 yards and drifts 100 inches in a full-value 10 mph wind.

Is 308 a good sniper round?

308 is by far the most popular sniping round, and for good reason. The . 308 is not punishing to shoot, has excellent terminal ballistics, behaves predictably in the wind, and perhaps most important is that it is consistent. While there are many cartridge choices that outperform the .

What caliber do snipers use?

30-06 Springfield continued in service with U.S. Marine Corps snipers during the Vietnam War in the 1970s, well after general adoption of the 7.62×51mm. At the present time, in both the Western world and within NATO, 7.62×51mm is currently the primary cartridge of choice for military and police sniper rifles.