What Alcohol Goes Best With Pizza?

What alcohol goes good with?

Here are their tried-and-true ideas:Whipped cream–flavored vodka + root beer.


UV Blue vodka + yellow Gatorade.

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Fireball + cream soda.


Coke + beer.


Coconut rum + chocolate milk.


Whipped cream–flavored vodka + OJ + Sprite.

Coke + red wine.

Dr.More items…•.

Does red or white wine go with pizza?

While fuller-bodied white wines, and even Champagne or sparkling wine, can be delicious with the right pizza, in general you are looking at a red wine. Pizza, regardless of topping, is always fairly earthy and substantial fare that prefers red over white.

Is Pinot Noir good with pizza?

“Nothing pairs better than earthy mushrooms and a medium bodied pinot noir full of earthy, spice notes.” “A smooth and rich pinot pairs perfectly with cheeseburgers alone or on a pizza. The flavor of the ground meat paired with a flavorful pinot noir is similar to the flavors of enjoying a steak dinner.”

What can you mix with vodka to get drunk?

11 Vodka Mixers That (Almost) Mask the Taste of AlcoholCranberry Juice. You might be thinking of how delicious a vodka cranberry can be at a bar, so why wouldn’t you want to make one at home? … Coca-Cola. PIN IT. … Iced Tea. … Lemonade. … Mio. … Fruit Juice. … ICE Sparkling Water. … Starbucks Refreshers.More items…

What is the best pinot noir?

“Best Tasting Pinot Noir”D’Autrefois Rose de Pinot Noir. … La Delizia Pinot Noir. … Forever Vineyards Pinot Noir. … Le Colline Pinot Noir. … Mirassou Pinot Noir. 4.0 / 5 stars (33 Reviews) … Meiomi Pinot Noir. 4.0 / 5 stars (113 Reviews) … Firebrand Pinot Noir. 4.0 / 5 stars (33 Reviews) … Seven Peaks Pinot Noir. 4.0 / 5 stars (22 Reviews)More items…

What kind of wine goes well with pizza?

10 best wines with pizzaGrenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre (GSM) Blend. Pizza Suggestion: Classic cheese. … Dry Rosé Pizza Suggestion: Margherita. … Pinot Noir. Pizza Suggestion: White sauce or mushroom. … Chardonnay. Pizza Suggestion: White pizza. … Sauvignon Blanc. Pizza Suggestion: salad (leafy greens) … Lambrusco. … Chianti. … Beaujolais Cru.More items…•

What red wine is good with pizza?

A pizza that is chock-full of hamburger, sausage, pepperoni and more deserves a wine with some heft. So go for heartier red wines like a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, or Merlot to handle the meat mega dose.

Does champagne go with pizza?

1) Champagne. Ultimately, if we look to tradition, we find that chilled sparkling wine works well with pizza. The bright acidity of classic champagne makes it a great match for the acidity naturally found in tomatoes and mozzarella. With a little more body, Rosé Champagne can work particularly well.

Does Rose go with pizza?

With its aromatic notes of fresh basil and the use of other lightly flavored fresh ingredients (tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella), a rosé is the perfect Margherita pizza wine pairing. … Still, with something lightly flavored like a Margherita Pizza, stick to lighter reds as a starting point.

What do you drink with pizza?

The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Pizza with CocktailsCheese + Manhattan. Pair a traditional slice of cheese pizza with an equally classic cocktail—the Manhattan. … Pepperoni + Cuba Libre. … White + Aperol Spritz. … Sausage and Peppers + Daiquiri. … Olives + Sherry Cobbler. … Margherita + Negroni. … Onions + Martini. … Mushroom + New York Sour.More items…•

What drinks you shouldn’t mix?

Seven Horrible Alcohol CombinationsRed Wine + Vodka.Anise drink with Mint liqueur (Creme de menthe) … Beer + Vodka. … Beer and Cigarettes + No Food. … Beer + Tequila. … Red Wine + No Food. … Beer + Wine. If you decide to leave out the liquor for the night, this does not automatically spare you the hangover. …

What alcohol mixes well with Sprite?

Soda and Spirit Combos That Make Simple Cocktail SubstitutesWhiskey + Sprite. … Whiskey + Mountain Dew. … Spiced Rum + 7 Up. … Jägermeister + Mountain Dew. … Rye Whiskey + Cherry Coke. … Kahlúa + Pepsi. … Orange Soda + Fireball.

Does Chianti go with pizza?

Chianti, the legendary sangiovese-based red wine from Tuscany, is a classic pizza pairing for this reason. … Maybe a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc is in order, depending on how rich the pizza is. A rosé could work too, especially if it has good acidity and a nice complement of fruit.