What If Ned Listened To Renly?

What would happen if Ned didn’t tell Cersei?

If Ned tells Robert about Cersei and Jaime without warning her it means she’s dead, Jaime’s dead, and three children who are innocent (Even Joff hadn’t done anything to deserve death at that point) are dead.

The incident with the assassination attempt against Dany showed Ned he can’t control Robert..

What would happen if Ned Stark didn’t go south?

Ned set the wheels in motion for this war. If Ned didn’t go south then he would have never found out that Joffrey (and Tommen & Myrcella) were not Robert’s true children. … Sure Ned might not like the Lannisters because of their dishonorable actions during the Rebellion, but he wouldn’t fight them.

Did cersei want Ned to die?

Because Cersei knew that killing Ned Stark will cause Robb to wage war. She wanted to prevent war, but her son is not that intelligent and wanted to kill Sean Bean once again.

Why does Arya want to kill the hound?

Although she knew that Hound killed Mycah because of Joffrey and Cersei’s order. After he won his trial by combat, Arya was angry that Brotherhood let him go. After Hound captured her, she wanted to bash his skulls to the stone, she thought that Hound is taking her to king’s landing.

What would happen if Joffrey didn’t kill Ned?

If Joffrey hadn’t executed Ned Stark and instead had sent him to the wall, would Ned have told Jon about his lineage? … Therefore Jon could figure he is not Ned’s son. And that would emotionally scar him for life. Jon did what he did ever in his life to be taken as a honorable son of Ned Stark.

What if Robb declared for Stannis?

If Robb joined with Stannis, they would already have Stannis’ fleet. They might not have needed to negotiate with the Iron Islands, Theon doesn’t return home, and he stays loyal to Robb.

What if Ned left King’s Landing?

If Ned Stark had managed to reach the North after escaping King’s Landing, the Lannisters would have been forced to offer him his daughters in return for their lives. … Ned was fostered in the Vale. He is known. He also is Hand of the King, the rightful regent in place of Robert till a new king is crowned.

Does Arya Stark die?

In Season Five, Arya travels to Braavos, where she tracks down Jaqen H’ghar, who is a mysterious assassin of the Faceless Men. Jaqen tells Arya she must give up the Stark name to truly become “no one,” like him. … That is her character’s death: Arya is gone, in place of a nameless girl.

Why did Ned Stark go to King’s Landing?

Ned didn’t account for Robert to die. He went to KL with a sole mission to protect King but he thought too low of Lannister ambitions. He thought that they were content with surrounding King with their kins and amassing influence and power. His discovery of the secret of Jon’s death changed everything.

What would have happened if Ned Stark lives?

If he had lived, Robb wouldn’t have been declared King in the North. That happened in response to Ned’s execution. No King, no rebellion, no war. No war means that Robb doesn’t send Theon back to the Iron Islands to get the Greyjoys involved, which is what leads to the burning of Winterfell.

What if Ned Stark became king?

Ned Stark would have made a decent king. He probably makes Jon Arryn his Hand, and has a powerful bloc of the North, Riverlands, Vale, and Stormlands to back him. However, he would have had a major issue in the Lannisters.

Why did Ned let Jon go to the wall?

Ned wasn’t just loyal to Lyanna. He was also Robert’s best friend and loyal to his throne. Ned didn’t just send Jon to the Wall to protect him, he did it to make sure Jon would never be a threat to Robert’s rule.

What if Ned Stark went to the wall?

Ned would reach the wall after the 300 rangers had travelled beyond it (including jon). … The wildlings would still attack the wall and, after they have been defeated, Ned would most likely be appointed as lord commander of the Night’s Watch. Stannis would still declare war and Renly would be killed.

What did Ned Stark do wrong?

Ned’s biggest mistake was trying to protect Cersei’s kids. Had he taken those kids into his custody, Cersei does nothing aggressive. It would have taken away her options. The other blunder was not telling Robert about Cersei and Jaime BEFORE telling her to run.

What did Ned Stark whisper before death?

The theories were plentiful for those who wanted to cling to their final moment with the Stark patriarch. Some believed he whispered the show’s mantra: “valar morghulis,” a silent acceptance that all men must die. … It appears that Ned was actually “just saying a prayer,” Bean said.

Why did Littlefinger betray Ned?

Baelish betrays Stark because Eddard was going to go against his wishes to have Joffery be the successor. … So, when Catelyn married Ned Stark, rather than Baelish, this instilled in him a powerful jealousy of Ned Stark. Littlefinger even attempts to pursue her romantically after Ned’s death!

Why did they kill Ned Stark so early?

Ned Stark was killed because he was an honourable man and by acting in his position, he would have been a threat to Joffrey’s claim on the Throne. … Ned Stark brought his fate upon himself with his not-so-wise judgements. He knew Jon Arryn’s wasn’t a normal death( even though it wasn’t an act of Lannisters).

Does Ned Stark come back?

With the eighth and final season set for 2019, rumors have been flying that Ned will be resurrected. Sean Bean portrays Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark in a scene from the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” … On Ned’s return, Bean said HBO has not been in contact with him. “No, they’ve never said that,” Bean said.